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Take a look at the new Green Map platform

With so many climate challenges to communities right now, here's a way to activate participation!

The Platform team at Green Map System has moved forward in exciting ways. They're inviting you to join us next Wednesday, 28 Sept 12:30 UTC for an exciting 45 minute session with the GISCollective and Tacit-Tacit.

Check your local time for the event

The organisers will add a recording of the event here if you can't make it.

About this event

The Green Map Platform is a free, accessible map making resource for communities and changemakers. This short, interactive session will walk you through the features of the new Green Map platform, showing you how to set up a map making team, add places to your map and categories information using the sustainability-focused Green Map icons. Green Maps have a wide variety of applications from Place Planning to Active Travel consultations, to the identification of natural resources and environmental challenges. The adaptable Green Map tools enable you to create a maps that matter to your community. The Green Map Platform is a free, Open Source resource that has been used by groups and activists globally.

Want to see an example of a Green Map? Check out the Cop26 Green Map here>

The workshop will be delivered by the Green Map platform team: GISCollective, Founder of Green Map Wendy Brawer a founding member of the o2 global network, Scottish based designer Hannah Clinch Tacit Tacit.

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