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o2 global network

For Sustainable and Regenerative Design

The o2 Global Network on Sustainable Design was established in 1988 by a group of designers to Inspire, Inform, and Connect people interested in Design for Sustainability.


More than three decades later, as Sustainability has evolved to Circularity and Regeneration, the o2 Global Network demonstrates that design plays a critical role in shaping and healing a world that supports life in all its forms. 


Now, more than ever, it is critical to Act.


Join the o2 Global Network and

Inspire, Inform, Connect and Act together for real change!

Why is o2 here?


o2 is here to help foster global and local (glocal) collaboration to

reimagine, reconnect, and redesign our relationships with one another and with

Earth's living and non-living systems.

Design the future!

The power of imagination. The video below taken an o2 event held in Rotterdam in 1993 illustrates some remarkable ideas and predictions, many - like the sharing economy, collaborative tablet computers and voice controlled internet searches - are an everyday part of life today.

o2 network members

O2 Members are as diverse and interesting as the many design roles they represent.

We share a common courage to break boundaries, forge new relationships and

design 'from the hip'!

[re]Connect with o2 or send us a message!

o2 Community Action
and news

Read below the latest community news, articles, events and stories from our members and friends. Sign up to be an o2 member to publish your stories and join the conversation.

design Courses 

Check out our growing directory of leading courses from around the world on Sustainable Design, Circular Economy, Systems Thinking and many of the other disciplines essential for the transition to new,

regenerative environmental, social, and economic models.

As this is the Beta version of our new website, we would love to hear about any design courses that you would recommend.

o2 Member locations

o2 Members can be found on every continent - except Antarctica, where a liaison position remains open : ).

We are are always interested in expanding the network to include more people in more locations, so explore the map below and see if there is anyone active in your region.

If not - and if you are interested in starting an o2 group - let us know in the form below.


o2 Global Network Open Green Map coming soon!

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